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Brooke is currently a writer, editor, and curriculum developer. She holds a PhD in complementary and alternative medicine and spent several years training under the guidance of a master herbalist. She has worked as a senior researcher for the National Institute of Health on a grant as well as developed and taught Doctor of Pharmacy Clinical rotations. She has developed educational information on rare diseases for major insurance companies and works closely with universities that provide alternative medical degrees. She has not only academic knowledge of herbs and healing, but practical real world application as she helps to guide her 4 children to adulthood.
Brooke Pillifant
Sandra El Hajjdra E.

Sandra is a dedicated physician hailing from Miami, Florida, with a specialization in Preventive Global Health. Over the past four years, she has traversed various countries, deploying her skills and knowledge to aid communities in their quest for improved health outcomes. Her notable efforts to foster health awareness are commendable, and she has initiated several impactful projects to realize her vision. This includes authoring educational books, designing academic courses, launching health-centric websites, and engaging in medical marketing. Moreover, Sandra has been at the forefront of national and regional health reform activities, demonstrating her comprehensive approach towards enhancing public health and wellbeing.
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